Therapeutic Amenities

Kshemavana offers a magnificent collection of various Naturopathy and Yogic treatments, delivered by intuitive experts, to provide a physically restorative to soul-nurturing experience.

Diet & Fasting Therapy

“Your body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in”- B.K.S Iyengar.
Diet is one of the fundamentals of natural therapy. The diet programme is planned according to individual needs, which are organic and full of nutrients. A wide variety of freshly prepared fruit juices are made available at the diet centre. Importance is given for treating all type of ailments with specially prescribed, well-researched cuisine and customised diet programmes.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga (from the Sanskrit word “YUJ”) means to yoke or bind, and is interpreted as “union” of the individual consciousness or soul with the spirit. Yoga is a physical, mental, spiritual and a therapeutic treasure with its roots in ancient Indian culture. It comprises of bodily postures, cleansing process (kriya/trataka), breath control and simple mindful meditation which boost inner health and bring out balance in harmony. Systemic and scientific approach to these traditional Yogic methods are practiced in Kshemavana.


A time-tested drugless therapy to promote healing by various manual therapies, exercise therapies and electrotherapies. It helps in promoting recovery and improvement of the patient’s physical mobility, maintain the healing process and management of pain. Kshemavana has a well equipped physiotherapy department with medically trained therapists whose aim is to help the patient understand the cause of their condition, treat the specific complaint and guide them to maintain the relief achieved.


Hydrotherapy, formerly called hydropathy is a form of physical medicine and a part of Naturopathy, alternative medicine, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and rehabilitation that uses water at different temperatures, form and pressure in a variety of ways, both internally and externally to alleviate pain and other ailments of the body. Our Hydratic experiences uses a sequence of baths, packs, jets, underwater massages which are chosen to enhance the healing process.

Mud Therapy

Mud is a mineral rich element of the nature and using mud over the body directly or in the form of packs is a detoxifying and rejuvenating experience as mud is capable of absorbing a huge number of toxins from the body. The cooling, chemical and mechanical properties of mud help to treat problems of skin, joints and metabolic disorders and is shown to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties and maintains the moisture of the skin.

Massage Therapy

Massage is a holistic therapy where body parts are scientifically manipulated using gentle techniques to facilitate circulation, strengthen joints and aid in relaxing the body and mind. It also tones up nerves and muscles to release tension, pain and stiffness. Kshemavana aims to provide a rejuvenating range of massages to enhance your efforts towards deep purification and transformation.


Acupuncture is a core of Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat disease by manually inserting fine needles or suction cups at specific points on the body, to remove energy blocks through the meridian channels, which supports the body’s immune system and promote its own healing abilities.


Reflexology, an ancient holistic approach also known as “Zone Therapy”, is an alternative medicine practice involving the application of pressure to the sole. This is a relaxing, rejuvenating experience that calms the mind and heals the body. This practice is based on a theory that , these zones corresponds to the inner organs. Therefore, applying pressure to these points can improve health and promote healing.