Sleep and restoration

Recover through rest. Based on the science of circadian rhythms, our sleep therapists guide the mind into a restful state, essential for the body to quietly replenish its reserves for the next day. Experience the regenerative power of sleep.


Mind and Body

Unlock the power of the mind-body connect. We draw equally from the ancient wisdom of meditation and contemporary psychology to evolve personalised therapies for transformative healing.


Food and Nutrition

Sift food from fad. Prescribed by doctors and crafted by chefs, nutrition at Kshemavana is seasonal, local and balanced. But above all, it is sustainable – a diet designed to be embraced and enjoyed beyond life at our sanctuary.


Gut and Inner Flora

Unblock the gut-brain axis. Carefully calibrated food therapies nourish the human microbiome in the body’s second brain. Nurture inner flora for better digestion, essential for optimal mental and physical health. Feel the difference in your gut and beyond.


Energy and Balance

Transcend the physiological prism of health. Energy therapies help rebalance the body’s energy fields, impacting both cell growth and repair. Channel electromagnetic, light, sound and subtle energies for deeper healing.

Diagnostic Tools:

Stress Assessment Tool - HRV

Heart rate variability is a useful tool in assessing stress levels. By measuring changes in heart rate, respiratory rate, and ECG, determines parasympathetic vagal tone, an indicator of relaxation. Using this information, we monitor individuals stress levels and take steps to manage them, improving overall health and well-being

Sleep Assessment Tool - Dozee

Good sleep is the foundation for good wellness. Learn new sleep habits that could last a lifetime, so you not only sleep well but wake up feeling energized each day. With the aim of providing connected health in every bed Dozee tracks vital parameters such as the Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Saturation, and Skin Temperature with clinical grade accuracy, and tracks sleep quality while flagging indicators of sleep apnea.


Kshemavana has a well-equipped laboratory that provides accurate blood test reports. The facility uses state-of-the-art technology to collect and analyse blood samples, ensuring precise results. The laboratory offers a range of tests, including hematology, biochemistry others.

Preservation At Kshemavana

Kshemavana also houses a vast collection of refurbished and repurposed artefacts and artwork that are part of the Manjusha Museum collection. Several door and window frames, pillars and furniture, stone and metal sculptures collected over decades from parts of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu have been used in the project. The Kshemavana art project aims at repurposing pieces of furniture that are in a state of disrepair and decay, not fit to be displayed. Old pillars were used to make side tables and dinner tables and Lamps, pieces from window frames were put together into lattice screens, bodhiges or tops of pillars were made into lamps and chandeliers. Along with the intent to preserve these artefacts for future generations, they add to the aesthetics and healing journey at Kshemavana.

Plastic Freedom

Our plans to eradicate single-use plastic, find plastic-free items, set up packaging take-back, bottle our own drinking water bottle, and share best practises by 2022 are on track as we are a founding signatory of the GTPI (Global Tourism Plastics Initiative). On our path to plastic freedom, every time plastic isn't used at Kshemavana is a victory. Our outcomes at Kshemavana speak for themselves.