Shri D Surendra Kumar

Shri D Surendra Kumar, hailing from Dharmasthala is an institution more than a personality. A recipient of the Karnataka State Rajyotsava Award, he is an active part of all educational, religious and philanthropic initiatives spearheaded by Dharmasthala. His many designations include The Vice President of SDME Society, Trustee of Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project, and Member of Board of Directors
of Karnataka Bank.


A devoted businessman and a loved family man, he is one of the most recognized names in Karnataka. He is the Executive President of Bharateeya Jain Milan and has been instrumental in ensuring that Jains obtain minority status in the country. Of the many successful endeavours he has pioneered and been a part of, educational initiatives are what he deems the most fulfilling, validated by the fact that he is the Executive Member of Federation of Jain Educational Institutes which encompasses more than 2500 educational institutes throughout India.
He has involved himself in the publication of religious books, restoration of old temples and even connectivity events for Jains. The multi-dimensional personality is a tireless, committed one working oftentimes beyond his limits for accomplishment of multiple socially oriented goals.