Discover Ananda Kosha

– Journey to Eternal Wellbeing

Annamaya Kosha

Physical/Material Sheath that can be directly perceived, encompassing body parts and internal systems
Physical Detoxes like Colon Hydro Therapy, Mud Pack etc., Physiotherapy Yoga (Land & Aqua)

Pranamaya Kosha

Life force (Prana) Sheath that drives the functioning of all body parts and systems
Pranayama & Kriyas

Manomaya Kosha

Feelings and Emotions Sheath that drives thought processes and actions
Emotional Detox processes; Inseeding Higher Frequency Emotions

Vignanamaya Kosha

Intellectual / Logical Sheath that aids in understanding/learning
Removal of Intellectual Biases; Inseeding Yoga of Objectivity

Anadamaya Kosha

Natural state of a realized being, activated through deep nurturing of all koshas
Spriritual detox processes; Inseeding Vedantic Mindsets

Residential Retreat. Holistic Wellness. Spiritual Wisdom


Discover a pathway to peace and joy! Join us for a transformative experience that integrates ancient wisdom and modern holistic practices, set in the serene Kshemavana, where nature and spirituality merge! The Retreat focuses on the different Koshas both for Detoxification of the toxins already present and for Inseeding of healthy elements.

Why “Discover Ananda Kosha”?

Through daily yoga sessions, massage therapies, and body packs designed to enhance physical health and detoxify the body.

Participants will engage in chakra meditations and other spiritual routines that are designed to balance and align chakras, fostering both physical and emotional health

The retreat includes chanting training where participants learn and practice powerful mantras, enhancing their spiritual connectivity and depth

Through Seva routines, participants engage in selfless service activities, which emphasize the importance of giving back and help in cultivating a service-oriented mindset, that triggers positive karma (punya)

The retreat focuses on teaching practical steps to form positive habits that align with a holistic lifestyle, promoting sustained personal growth and well-being

Daily sessions of Likita Japa (assertion-writing) allow participants to reflect on their personal and spiritual growth, reinforcing their learning and experiences from the retreat

On the final day, participants create personalized plans for continuing their practices at home, which helps in the practical application of learned techniques for personal transformation

Invest in Yourself – Mark your Calendar


  • 77,000
  • Per Person


  • 63,000/-
  • Per Person


  • Custom Pricing
  • 3 + Persons

Acharyas & Coaches

Daily Schedule



Retreat General:

This Retreat is based on Panca Kosha Principle (five sheaths of a personality). It is designed to help you reconnect with your inner self, rejuvenate your body and mind, and cultivate practices that lead to a more joyful and peaceful life.

Any person is an integrated whole of five layers (sheaths) called “Koshas”. One can have/build toxins or health into any of these layers. It’s clearly a set of choices that lead to this. Many of us might not be fully aware of these choices, nor be aware of the impact of these choices that we make daily on the degree of success one could experience. The Retreat focuses on the different Koshas both for Detoxification of the toxins already present and for Inseeding of healthy elements.

This retreat is open to anyone seeking personal transformation, deeper health and fitness at all planes, relaxation, and a deeper connection to their spiritual side. No specific prior knowledge/experience is necessary. Recommended age 18+

Expect a combination of body, mind and spiritual detox sessions, therapies, guided meditations, mindfulness practices, positive habits building, group discussions, healthy meals, and personalised coaching. It also allows time for relaxation and personal reflection.

  • Comfortable clothing for Yoga, Meditation and movements
  • Water friendly attire
  • Journal and pen
  • Head Phones
  • Water bottle
  • A pair of shoes and slippers
  • Any personal items that help you relax (e.g., favorite book, essential oils)
  • Personal Medical Kit
  • Optional:
    • Cap
    • Umbrella
    • Torch
    • Swimwear

Other Questions:

While we encourage you to stay for the full duration to get the most out of the experience, we understand that circumstances may change. Please inform us as soon as possible if you need to leave early.

Yes, our cancellation policy is available on our website. Please review it carefully before registering.

You could write to us, a few days before, we will review the request and suggest.

Non-Veg food, Outside food, Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs and any such intoxicants are not allowed.


Permission to be taken if one has to step out of the campus.

Accommodation, Food and Services:

We offer shared (double occupancy) and single-occupancy rooms. All rooms are simple, air-conditioned, yet comfortable—rooms are designed to promote rest and relaxation.

We provide nourishing vegetarian food prepared with fresh, quality ingredients. Special dietary needs can be accommodated with advance notice.

Pickup-drop from airport/station, laundry services, toiletries etc., are available at extra cost (actuals).

Wi-Fi will be available in designated areas, but we encourage you to unplug and disconnect as much as possible during the retreat.

The venue is registered as a naturopathy medical center and such facilities are available.

External food and other items are not permitted inside the premises. NO tuck-shop is present.

Reach Bangalore the previous day to join the session on time. Please contact us for support ahead of time.