• All luggage will be sanitized when you arrive at the Admin Block.
  • To ensure your safety, luggage will be handed over to you at the reception after a small screening process. We do not encourage any outside food carried into the premise. However, in certain circumstances, you will receive a safe locker box to leave all your items of consumption and value, if applicable.
  • Pack with lightweight and comfortable seasonal outfits and wears for every day of your stay in Kshemavana. Remember to carry a respectable amount of interior clothing with your yoga dress, swimwear, shoes, gym gloves, so on.
  • In case you forget to bring certain things, you can still find them at the Kshemavana Wellness boutique Shop.
  • Our team will help you if you need any assistance during your stay. Please feel free to contact us.
  • You can bring your routine medicines but make it a point to discuss about them with your consulting Doctors. Kindly make sure you carry all your medical reports while you attend your consultation.