Best Nature Cure Clinic in Bangalore

Revitalize Your Health with The Best Nature Cure Clinic In Bangalore

The term nature cure has become widely recognized for its effectiveness. In ancient times, nature cure were extensively utilized, particularly in rural areas, where people preferred natural elements for health, recognizing their superiority over drug-based medicines. Over time, the reliance shifted towards allopathic medicines and surgeries, which, while effective in the short term, often came with side effects. As awareness grew, so did the desire for various kinds of natural cure treatments.

They say the face is the mirror of the mind, and the body reflects one’s personality. While the mind remains invisible, the body is a visible manifestation of oneself. Therefore, caring for the body is crucial for both health and beauty. On that note, Kshemavana has gained immense popularity as the best nature cure hospital in Bangalore for its exceptional services, focusing on the belief in the body’s natural immunity. By engaging in regular yoga, exercise, walking, and maintaining a proper diet, one can enhance their immunity and reduce susceptibility to ailments.

Revitalize Your Health with The Best Nature Cure Clinic In Bangalore

What is Nature Cure and How Does It Work?

Nature Cure

Nature cure emphasizes the body’s natural immunity, advocating for practices like yoga, exercise, and a balanced diet to boost overall health. We offer a range of top-rated nature therapy services, including massage therapy, acupressure, acupuncture, mud therapy, water therapy, hip baths, spinal baths, and more. It has emerged as a leader in treating obesity, diabetes, hypertension, gout, cardiac issues, menstrual problems, thyroid disorders, and various other bodily ailments.

The hustle and bustle of congested areas, pollution, and the stresses of office life can often overwhelm you, leaving you feeling disconnected from yourself. A visit to Kshemavana can help alleviate stress, pressure, and mental strain. The center’s pleasant environment and atmosphere rejuvenate the body, leaving you feeling refreshed and content.

A Best Nature cure hospital in Bangalore have sprung up in many areas. However, it is essential to choose the best one, and Kshemavana stands out among them. Whether you’re dealing with physical, mental, or emotional issues, you can trust our center blindly. We are committed to being the best nature cure clinic in Bangalore as we provide specialized care for the residents of Bangalore, offering a treatment experience that sets us apart from other nature therapy centers.

Process We Follow

In the race to get well soon, we often forget to heal. We help the body, mind, and spirit restore their natural balance through naturopathy, yoga, and drugless care. Our habitat has been carefully designed to give you the time, space, and guidance you need to make life-sustaining changes. Ill health may manifest in parts; we take a holistic perspective from diagnosis to care, understanding the physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental influences on wellbeing. To achieve holistic health, we have come up with a unique concept of 5 Pillars of wellbeing:



Mind and Body

Discover the synergy of mind and body. Our therapies blend ancient meditation techniques with modern psychology to create personalized treatments for profound healing.



Food and Nutrition

Embrace sustainable nutrition at Kshemavana. Our doctors prescribe seasonal, locally sourced, and balanced meals prepared by skilled chefs. Enjoy a diet that nourishes the body and supports a healthy lifestyle.



Sleep and restoration

Experience the rejuvenating power of sleep. Our sleep therapists, guided by circadian rhythms, help you achieve a restful state essential for replenishing your body’s reserves and preparing for the day ahead.



Gut and Inner Flora

Restore balance in your gut-brain axis. Our food therapies are designed to nourish the microbiome in your body’s second brain, promoting better digestion and overall mental and physical health.



Energy and Balance

Achieve harmony beyond the physical realm. Energy therapies at Kshemavana rebalance your body’s energy fields, influencing cell growth and repair. Harness electromagnetic, light, sound, and subtle energies for profound healing.

What Makes Kshemavana Stand As the Best Nature Cure Clinic in Bangalore?

Kshemavana is dedicated to natural, holistic, and sustainable healing. This commitment has been steadfast for the past four decades of our service. Located in the heritage town of Dharmasthala, our first outpatient clinic was established 36 years ago. Today, our facility, Shantivana, boasts a modern hospital complex with 400 beds. In 1988, our founder and visionary, Dr. D Veerendra Heggade, also established a naturopathy and yogic sciences college.

As the best nature cure clinic in Bangalore, our approach integrates ancient wisdom with modern techniques, offering a unique blend of meditation and psychology for transformative healing. We prioritize sustainable nutrition, crafting seasonal and locally sourced meals that not only nourish but also delight the palate. Our sleep therapies are guided by circadian rhythms, making restful sleep essential for rejuvenation. We also focus on gut health, offering therapies that nourish the microbiome for improved digestion and overall wellbeing. Additionally, our energy therapies rebalance the body’s energy fields, promoting cell growth and repair. At Kshemavana, we strive to provide a comprehensive healing experience that transcends the physical, making us the top choice for those seeking holistic wellness in Bangalore.

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Kshemavana Stand As the Best Nature Cure Clinic in Bangalore


As the best nature cure clinic in Bangalore, we offer a variety of therapies, including meditation, nutrition counseling, massage therapy, acupuncture, and more. Each therapy is designed to promote healing and balance in the body and mind.

It is advisable to consult with our experts at Kshemavana before combining naturopathy with other forms of treatment to ensure compatibility and safety.

We stand out for our holistic approach to healing, personalized treatments, and commitment to sustainability. We offer a comprehensive range of therapies aimed at promoting overall wellbeing and balance in the body and mind.

We are known as the best nature cure hospital in Bangalore, and our philosophy is rooted in natural, holistic, and sustainable healing. We believe in treating the whole person, addressing the underlying causes of illness rather than just the symptoms.

Nature cure therapy is generally considered safe when administered by a qualified practitioner.