Kshemavana | A Leading Naturopathy Treatment Centre In Bangalore


Rooted to help nurture.

Kshemavana is a sanctuary for those who seek a wholesome healing process – for their body as well as mind. Every method is natural and holistic within our walls, allowing naturopathy and yogic sciences to set a course of rejuvenation for those who come to us.


Healing Pillars

Rooted to help nurture.

In the race to get well soon, we often forget to heal. Through naturopathy, yoga and drugless care, we help the body, mind and spirit restore their natural balance. Our habitat has been carefully designed to give you the time, space and guidance you need to make life-sustaining change. Ill-health may manifest in parts, we take a holistic perspective from diagnosis to care, understanding the physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental influences on well-being. To achieve holistic health, we have come up with an unique concept of 5 Pillars of wellbeing


Our Mission

To create a unique blend of healthcare and hospitality, that catalyses sustainable lifestyle change through immersive healing journeys.

Our Vision

To pioneer the growth of naturopathy, yogic and drugless wellness, while embracing technology and modern methods to augment ancient wisdom and traditions.

Healers Profile

  • Dr. Shilpa

    Medical Officer

    Nutrition Medicine

  • Dr. Manohar

    Medical Officer

    Wellness Concierge

  • Dr Bhanu

    Medical Officer


  • Dr. Manasa

    Jr. Physiotherapist


  • Dr. Navita

    HOD Fitness & Physiotherapy


  • Dr. Vandhana

    Medical Officer

    Sleep Medicine

  • Dr. Keerthika

    Medical Officer

    Gut Health

  • Dr. Narendra K Shetty

    Chief Wellness Officer



SDM Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences Nelamangala, Kunigal Bypass Rd,
near Sambrama Hotel, Mahadevapura, Karnataka 562127

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